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Demonstration Solo By Malcolm MacFarlane over Giant Steps


This Free Introductory Pack Includes The Entire Solo As Performed In This Video As Well As Audio mp3,

The solo transcription demonstrated by guitarist Malcolm Macfarlane over Giant Steps by John Coltrane can be downloaded here for free. Full transcription as well as three mp3 files (full speed, 75% and 50%) for practice purposes.

Make sure that you check out the other lessons in this series:

Giant Steps Lesson Contents

Lesson 1 - Playing through the sequence in half notes, quarter notes, the tonal centers of the piece, a complete solo. Video includes scales used.

Lesson 2 - Chordal playing. Outlining the concept, basic chord formations, basic chord demo, adding extensions and alterations, demo basic and advanced chords, utilizing chord inversions, drop two voicings, adapted drop two voicings, adaptive drop two voicings sequence, voice leading between chords.

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