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  • 105 page full color PDF book immediate download.

  • Learn the essential scale patterns including the caged guitar system that are both powerful and musically meaningful. 

  • Included is everything from pentatonic, to modal to exotic scale forms...see below.

  • Much more than a book of scales, Scales You Can Use! includes the theory of the scales you learn, musical exercises to help you play them in a musical way, fret maps, comparison scalar tables and much, much, more.

Is this the ultimate scale book? We don’t know but we do know it’s one of the most popular downloads in the store. Thousands of guitarists have benefited from this material and so can you.

No matter if you are a rock, blues, jazz, folk, funk, classical guitar player, these patterns are good for all musical genres.

Electric or acoustic guitarist, this book helps you make fast progress towards your guitar music goals.

This thought through method includes a template system of learning that acts as a force multiplier for your learning and understanding. A full colour publication offered in physical print, ePub and PDF Download form, 105 pages long.

  • An easy to understand template system that enables you to learn and play major, natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales over the entire neck in seven positions.
  • Scales You Can Use! includes tutorials and shows you how to play pentatonics in 10 different keys in one position.
  • Learn how you can play in fourteen keys in one position using modal scales giving you complete musical control over key changes! Included are fret maps which detail a simple to understand root based system in two key positions giving you complete understanding.
  • Theoretical explanations of pentatonic, major, melodic and harmonic minor, blues, chromatic, whole tone and diminished scales. A suite of “exotic” scales is also included for those that are looking to learn patterns that are on the fringe of what most guitarists would be looking to study.
  • Original music examples in music and TAB provided throughout Scales You Can Use! to ensure that you really learn the patterns shown.
  • Open string patterns cover major, minor, pentatonic and blues scales. If you think you know what the cycle of fifths is about, then think again!

Scales You Can Use! shows again and again how you can use this to the max! Divided into three chapters – Open Scale Patterns – Fretted Scale Patterns – Symmetrical Scale Patterns.

Traversing the entire neck in one key, playing round the cycle of fifths in one position, major, harmonic and minor scale comparison sheets are in there to give you the best chance of getting your scalar knowledge together once and for all!

Modes are also covered and demystified showing you how to both create and apply these often misunderstood patterns.

All three chapters are backed up by our Youtube videos viewable via QR codes so you can view the scales being demonstrated by GMI’s Ged Brockie.





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