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Learn 22 Hit Songs On Guitar Just 2 Chords Per Song! - The beginners guitar favourite

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22 Hit Tunes, 2 Chords Per Song Immediate Download

A beautiful forty page full color PDF for you to learn some of the biggest hit songs in music history, just two chords needed for each song you learn! - NOTE PDF IS LANDSCAPE FORMAT

Learn to play songs from the Beatles, Eurythmics, Arctic Monkeys, The Mavericks, Oasis, Robin Thicke, Billy Ray Cyrus, Eric Clapton, U2, Nirvana, Mary J Blige, Fleetwood Mac, Chic, Bruno Mars, America, Jane’s Addiction, Maroon 5, Bruce Springsteen, Sublime, The Doors, Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys in no time at all!

This book is a beginner and new guitarist favorite. Available from Amazon in PRINT and Kindle format, this is the GMI PDF immediate download option. Learn the biggest hit tunes today from sixty years of popular music history!


  • 22 hit songs from the biggest names in music. Easy to understand, no reading music, large chord boxes and suggest rhythms for each song.

  • QR Codes for video play along, suggested rhythms for each song and understanding rhythm section, Hints & Tips.

  • Appendices include extra chords plus chord progression & rhythm tree.  - 40pp




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