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The GMI - Guitar & Music Institute has a wide range of books available for purchase. Only here can you buy our popular "coil bound" books which are great for study and lie flat. 

 No more pressing down and damaging pages! Great for study, practice and demonstration. 

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PRINTED COIL BOUND JAZZ GUITAR GUITAR BOOK Guitarist wishing to learn jazz guitar, the Fastlines Jazz Guitar Method Primer edition gives you the musical ideas to create improvisations that sound truly authentic in the style of Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and other jazz titans. (29 pages) Twenty different licks with descriptions of how the lines were created. Ten written projects which...

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PRINTED COIL BOUND GUITAR CHORD BOOK WHICH IS MORE OF A COURSE THAN A BOOK! Drop Two Voicings Uncovered is a full colour 118 page instructional guide for guitar. This is the PRINTED COIL BOUND version of the our best selling Drop Two Voicings Printed Book currently available on Amazon. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WITH THIS BOOK? This version of our book lies completely...



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