Getting Your Guitar Scales Together - BLUES GUITAR!

Make The Lock Down Work For You - Finally Get Your Guitar Scales Together

It's been tricky for a lot of people around the world who have basically been banished to staying at home. That doesn't mean that life has to grind to a halt though. For example finally getting your guitar scales together would be just one great objective and GMI have a lot of resources to help you out with that and most are completely free.

In this blog post we will be looking for scale lessons and video that relates to blues guitar, probably one of the most popular styles out there so here goes!


VIDEO #1 - For New Players

This video is part of a series of five lessons by guitarist Gary Clinton. You'll learn all about the pentatonic scales and how to use it in many ways including blues.



If you're interested in learning more about this course of video lessons, check it out on our sister website at GMI - BLUES & PENTATONIC SCALES FOR GUITAR

Check out our own blues guitar lick books available for immediate download by clicking the images below.

beginner blues guitar licksblues guitar licks

Free blues guitar scales book

VIDEO #2 - For More Experienced Players

For a more complete and comprehensive book for guitar scales as a whole this publication is a must have!

guitar scales you can use  

These videos and resources are just some of the many resources that are available to you through the GMI - Guitar & Music Institute websites. Go on over to GMI and start exploring the large range of articles, lessons and resources on all things guitar or check out the growing range of free and paid resources on this site.


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